Sandstone Steps Get Brand New Look

  • Sandstone Restoration Here is a BEFORE image of the sandstone steps.
  • Sandstone Restoration Here is an AFTER image of the sandstone steps.
  • Sandstone Restoration In this BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) image you can see for yourself what a difference our sandstone restoration services made!

Dark, Dirty Sandstone

Homeowners in Wanneroo, WA, noticed their exterior sandstone steps had turned dark and seemed to be trapping dirt and grime like a magnet.

Our Sandstone Restoration Process

First, we used our powerful professional cleaning solution and a soft brush to safely and effectively deep clean the sandstone. Then, we restored the beautiful, color naturally present in the sandstone by sealing it with an appropriate semigloss sealer. The sealer will not attract dirt and grime and will offer stain protection.

Our refinishing process made a dramatic difference, as you can see for yourself. The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome.

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