Terracotta Repaired, Cleaned, and Sealed

  • Terracotta Repair This BEFORE image shows loose terracotta tiles.
  • Terracotta Repair Here is another BEFORE image.
  • Terracotta Repair This image was taken while we were preparing the substrate for replacing the terracotta tiles.
  • Terracotta Repair We used masking tape to temporarily reinforce the terracotta tiles during the repair process.
  • Terracotta Repair Here is another image of the stairway during our repair and restoration process.
  • Terracotta Restoration This AFTER image shows the repaired, cleaned, and sealed terracotta steps.
  • Terracotta Before and After This side-by-side BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) image demonstrates the results we achieved.

Terracotta With Decades of Wear

The terracotta steps leading to an apartment building in area in Perth, CBD, WA, were very dull and dirty looking after decades of exposure to the elements and no professional attention. The steps showed obvious signs of wear and tear, including loose and missing tiles, dirty grout lines with loose and missing chunks of grout, and an overall chalky appearance on the finish.

Our Terracotta Restoration Process

First, we placed barriers to prevent tenants from using the steps. Then, we replaced the loose tiles and regrouted, as needed. We stripped off the old, failing topical sealer and deep cleaned the entire area. Finally, we sealed the terracotta with a proper penetrating enhancing sealer, instead of the topical sealer that had previously been used. The sealer not only dramatically improved the appearance of the terracotta finish, but will also inhibit staining.

We were able to complete the job in a timely manner with minimal disruption to the normal routine of the apartment tenants and staff. Our clients were very pleased with the outcome.

To learn more about our terracotta stripping, cleaning, enhancing, and sealing services, visit our Tile and Grout Services page.

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