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Sheerstone Premium Stone Protection

Sheerstone is an impervious, sheer, permanent protective coating system for natural stone benchtops that prevents stains and etch damage.

Cleaning products, lemon juice, tomato juice, vinegar, wine, and other acidic substances can chemically react with the calcium in natural stone, resulting in etches, which are often mistaken for “water spots.” These unsightly dull spots on the stone finish may have a slightly different texture compared to the smoothness of the surrounding stone.

Staining can also be a problem, even for benchtops that are sealed.

Professional stone restoration can remove etching and most stains, but in certain high-traffic areas where the stone is consistently exposed, keeping the stone finish pristine can be a challenge.

Sheerstone offers a more permanent solution, because it prevents acid etch damage and stains by keeping acidic and stain-causing substances from coming into contact with the stone.

Sealwerx is a Certified Sheerstone Applicator

If you're looking for premium stone protection, Sealwerx is a certified Sheerstone applicator. This unique product provides a wealth of benefits, including:

  • 10 year warranty
  • Ultra tough UV-cured finish
  • Easy to buff or repair scuffs or scratches
  • Food-safe and easy to keep clean
  • Fast application/installation for same-day use
  • Residential and commercial applications

Sealwerx is well versed in surface protection, especially natural stone. We understand natural stone and know what is required to make your benchtops, bar tops, table tops, vanity tops, and other surfaces look great and stay looking great with long-term stain and etch protection.

Contact us to discuss your stone benchtop protection needs. We service Perth and the entire WA area.