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Surfaces we service

We give you a reason to love your surroundings.

The residential and commercial floors and surfaces we repair and restore look clean, fresh, and rejuvenated. Our restoration services achieve outstanding results, so all of your marble, granite, and other types of natural stone, as well as terrazzo and tile and grout floors and surfaces have a like-new appearance.

Floors & Stairs

Although we walk across our floors everyday, we really only notice them when they’re brand new and breathtaking or when they’re… well, really just not.

Whether you have dullness and scratches from foot traffic, Rover and the kids tracking in dirt, or chips and cracks from the delivery guy dropping that new restaurant furniture or equipment in the entry, Sealwerx WA can restore your floors and stairs and help you keep them looking gorgeous all the time. We also specialize in specialty treatements, such as anti-slip solutions.


Kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities and service area tops see daily use and abuse, but they don’t have to look that way. We can repair, clean, polish, and seal them to restore their former elegance. If you find yourself with a stained, scratched, etched, or chipped top, don't have it replaced! We specialize in complete restoration and protective treatments of such surfaces. You'll be surprised at the dramatic results we can achieve.

Tub Surrounds

We can refinish your natural stone tub surrounds, then apply a high-quality impregnating sealer to help inhibit staining as well the growth of mold and mildew.


The steamy, water-rich environment of a shower creates unique cleaning challenges that can take a toll on natural stone and tile and grout. Don't settle for dull and dingy. We are well versed in safely removing hard water deposits, soap film buildup, and even mold and mildew and can get your showers back to top condition.

Outdoor Kitchens

Inside your house you probably take all sorts of steps to clean and care for your surfaces.  Policing the outdoor spaces can be a little more difficult. Consequently, stains, etching, fading from UV rays, and other damage can happen. We're just as good at taking care of outdoor kitchens as interior ones. Let's discuss your needs.

Patios, Pool Decks, and Pool Surrounds

Tile and grout, natural stone, terrazzo and concrete can all make for appealing exteriors and outdoor spaces at home, in the workplace, or as a property amenity. But let's face it – when the sun gets too strong, that beautiful breeze too windy, or it starts raining cats and dogs – you can get in out of the weather, but your exterior spaces cannot. Wind and rain, temperature changes, pollution, and just plain ol’ accumulated grit and grime eventually get the best of your outdoor living spaces.

That's where Sealwerx WA comes in. Our expert technicians are experienced in cleaning and restoring the beauty of your outdoor surfaces, as well as applying the most appropriate sealers or treatments to protect them from future damage.

Interior & Exterior Walls

Vertical surfaces need attention, too. We specialize in safely and effectively cleaning interior and exterior walls, including textured surfaces and cladding.

Fireplaces & Fire Features

The beauty of fireplaces and fire features can become diminished with time and use and occasionally need some heavy duty attention. We can get your fireplace surround or fire feature guest-ready or client-ready for you.

Other Important Info

From time to time, we get calls from clients curious about whether we clean and restore this or that — surfaces that don't neatly fit into one of the above-mentioned categories. If it's natural stone, tile, concrete, or terrazzo, the answer is likely YES. Ask us about your surface.

At Sealwerx, we can instruct you on the proper day-to-day care of your natural stone and tile floors, benchtops, and other surfaces. We offer a free, downloadable Care Guide and can recommend stone-safe care products to help you keep your home or business looking great. We also provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program, tailored just for you, upon request.

For a FREE estimate on cleaning, sealing, repair, and restoration services for floors, benchtops, walls, and other surfaces in Perth WA area call 400 362 360 or use our contact form.