Glass Restoration

Glass Restoration, Sealing, and Coating

Our invisible glass coating protects all types of glass and provides a water repellent, non-stick barrier that prevents glass damage from scale, salt, scum, air pollutants, and other foreign material.

The non-stick protective coating minimises dirt and grime build up on the glass, so glass requires much less maintenance. No scraping, scrubbing, or harsh chemical cleaners are needed to clean the glass.

The coating is chemically bonded to the glass, so it will not rub off. This glass protection product does not change the appearance or clarity of the glass and is not affected by long term exposure to heat or UV light.


  • Prevents and protects from damage from hard water, oil, calcium, iron, dirt and soap scum
  • Reduces cleaning time and effort
  • Not affected by extreme heat or UV
  • One application lasts 3-5 years before an additional coat is required


Glass coatings can be applied to all types of glass:

  • Shower screens
  • Glass pool fencing
  • Balustrades and railings
  • Windows and sliding doors
  • Automotive and marine windscreens and glass

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