onyx-honing-repairOnxy cleaning, polishing, sealing, repair, restoration, and maintenance

A Delicate, Exotic Stone

Onyx, a form of marble, is a truly stunning stone known for its incredibly rich colors and luminosity, but etching, wear patterns, scratches, dullness and other problems can really take a toll on the appearance of onyx. If this is true of your onyx, don’t replace it. Have it restored to like new.

The highly trained, professional technicians at Sealwerx WA can provide expert onyx cleaning, polishing, sealing, repair, restoration, and maintenance services for onyx floors and surfaces in both residential and commercial properties. Whatever your needs may be, we can restore the head-turning, translucent beauty of your onyx so it looks just as good or better than when it was installed. Keep reading to learn more about what we can do to resolve your particular onyx problem.

Onyx Refinishing

Are your onyx surfaces too dull or too shiny? If you have a new onyx installation with some areas that look more glossy than others – let us even out the finish for you. We can deliver a beautifully restored gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish for all your onyx surfaces.

Lippage Removal? Onyx Grinding

When tiles are set unevenly, this is called lippage. Aside from detracting from the beauty of your installation, lippage can create a trip and fall hazard. You need not replace the entire floor, because our expert technicians can grind the stone to a uniform, flat surface. The honed or polished end result will look as good or better than when the floor was first installed.

Onyx Honing & Polishing

A calcium-based stone, onyx reacts to acids found in lemon, wine, cleaners, and other substances, which can result in etch marks on the stone’s surface. Our expert technicians can hone and polish your onyx furniture tops, walls, floors and other surfaces to eliminate etching, wear patterns, scratches, dullness and other problems. We can achieve a soft matte finish that is warm, inviting, and velvety smooth or polish your onyx using the appropriate diamonds or polishing powders to provide a beautiful, glass-like polish.

Sealing Onyx

Once your surfaces are restored to their original beauty, we may recommend that your onyx be sealed to enhance its stain resistance. Most stones (unless resined) are naturally porous. If left unsealed, there’s always a risk of spilling a colored or reactive liquid, resulting in stone discoloration. While most stains can be removed, onyx stain removal can be time consuming, expensive and often frustrating. Depending on the finish and the environment it is in, sealing your onyx surfaces might be required as a preventative measure against stain damage.

Onyx Stain Removal

Sealwerx WA is experienced in removing stains and discolorations from onyx surfaces. Whether you are seeking guidance for do-it-yourself stain removal or would prefer to have us remove the discolorations for you, rest assured the original finish of your stone can be most likely be restored.

Scheduled Onyx Maintenance

Sealwerx WA provides both residential and commercial onyx maintenance services. In addition, we can recommend and implement a maintenance program tailored to the placement, traffic, and usage of your onyx surfaces.

How to Care for Onyx

Sweep or dust your onyx surfaces regularly to remove any debris that can get ground into the surface. We recommend cleaning your onyx bench tops and other surfaces using a quality stone-safe neutral stone cleaner. Be sure to visit our Caring For It page to download our FREE Stone and Tile Care Guide. 

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